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raincoat, supernatural, suit, trenchcoat
castielkinkmeme wrote in cas_kinkmeme
At least one of the participants should be a character played by Misha Collins or Misha Collins himself.
(Or Castiel in any form what includes things like Clairstiel and trueform too of course)

And PLEASE keep the headline form in mind!
(I'm sorry for overly repeating myself here, but there're still many people not sticking to it. It's way easier for everybody to search through the meme when everyone sticks to the given form)


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I hate to be that guy, but what about Claire Novak/Clairestiel?

I'm good with you being 'this guy', that's constructive...
I think we can stuck this into the SPN prompt post cause it's Cas and that's ok. I'll add it to the description, thank you for your input! =)

She should prrrrrobably go into the underage post unless we're aging her up

but yeah no problem! <3 I've been discussing meta about the novak family a lot lately and thought I should at least bring her up, lmao

Of course, of course!
If she's still underage it's to put there =)


I really like your writing style, fantastic information, thanks for putting up cdgcebbkbedecbab

whose writing style? What is cdgcebbkbedecbab?? O_o
Thank you for your comment anyway, John! *g*

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