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Underage Prompts - 2014
raincoat, supernatural, suit, trenchcoat
castielkinkmeme wrote in cas_kinkmeme
What's supposed to be in here:
- EVERY prompt INCLUDING a person/character less than 18 years old

What's NOT supposed to be in here:
- prompts solely including adult characters

Please read the rules before posting:

All subjectlines should adhere to the following format:

requests: REQUEST: Pairing resp. Characters, requested Kinks/Tags
fills:        FILL: Pairing resp. Characters, Kinks/Tags in your fill, Title, Possible Spoilers

The format for pairings: Top/Bottom (where applicable).
Gen characters should be separated with an "&"

The Requests:
- Be specific about what you want
- Be clear in your prompts if you have squicks.
- If you repost prompts or post promts from other memes you must include the link to the original prompt
- You can repost a prompt after 3 Months (please include the link to the original prompt)

The Fills:
- If a fill is not complete in one posting (WIPs), list all kinks in the initial post and each new update must include any new kinks.
- If you fill a prompt onto another platform (AO3 or the like) you can just post the link into your fill post. Please stick to the subjectline formats!
- Please no Spoilers for unaired episodes! This includes new characters and story arcs.
- An unfilled prompt can be filled anytime, also it the prompt post is already closed for new prompts

In general:
- When seconding, please don't fill the Subject line
- Do not comment with your preferred changes to a prompt or saying it would have been better a different way and please do not police grammar or content of a fill
- Be respectful to the fillers and each other in general!

You need help, have a question or improvement suggestions?: Come at me, sibling!
You want to support the Cas-Kinkmeme and help making it famous?: Spread it!

Alrighty? Then happy-writing/reading!
as usual, prompts and fills as comments ;)


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